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Laser Hair Removal

Targets dark hair for the removal and reduction of unwanted hair from all skin tones. Helps to alleviate the occurrence of razor bumps and ingrown hair. For both men and women.

• Lip & Chin… 100
• Under Arms… 100
• Bikini… 75
• Brazilian… 125
• Arms… 200
• Half Arm… 100
• Legs… 300
• Half Leg… 150

*Packages available

Laser Facial Treatments

Performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Fraxel Restore®
Fraxel is a laser treatment to help keep your skin looking younger and refreshed. This treatment will help diminish fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation.

Thermage® procedures can help smooth, tighten and deep contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance without surgery or injections. With Thermage®, patients have seen flatter, smoother skin on the tummy, legs, knees, buttocks, face and arms.

Facials and Peels

Red Carpet Peel 20 mins. $50
Brighten the skin’s texture & appearance with no down time. This “lunch time” service will leave you with the glow you’ve been looking for.

ZO 3 Step Peel 20 mins $150
Not just another peel, it is formulated to have longer lasting results and stimulates collagen and restores moisture balance while evening skin tone & texture for smoother, softer and tighter skin. *requires 4 week at home regimen pre-peel
*5 to 7-day healing time

Mini-Micro 25 mins. $45
Gentle and effective, this mini treatment will help improve the skins texture and allow for greater product absorption.

Hyper Hydrating Enzyme Facial 50 mins. $85
Designed specifically to target dry, dehydrated skin to hydrate and restore calm and balance.*

Red-Out Facial 50 mins. $135
This facial is to calm hypersensitive skin. If you get flares of Rosacea, this is just the calming and redness reducing treatment for you.*

Acne & Oil Control Facial 50 mins. $85
A facial for anyone who suffers from acne and breakouts. Smoothing the texture of the skin and preventing future breakouts with the use of High Frequency Therapy, and acne treating products.

Anti-Aging Facial 50 mins. $100
Diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation due to sun, acne scars and hormonal changes while enriching the skin with added benefits bringing your youthful glow back.*
*Extractions Included

Injectables & Fillers

Performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Treats moderate to severe lines of the forehead, glabellar or ”The 11’s” & crow’s feet and can also be used under the arms to treat excessive sweating.

Fills the lines along the sides of your mouth, and nose and is also used to plump up your lips.

Injectable gel to instantly add volume to your cheek area to correct age-related volume loss in adults.

Melts localized fat under the chin. May require 2-4 treatments depending on size of fat deposits

The only FDA-approved prescription treatment for inadequate eyelashes, growing them longer, fuller and darker. By prescription only.


If you do not see something you’re interested in, please call us up and ask!

Introducing Devin Faas, L.E.

I would like to take a minute to introduce myself, I am Devin, a licensed esthetician and have started here at Kashmir Medi-Spa with South Shore Cosmetic Surgeons, helping you with your skincare and hair removal needs.

We are in the process of revamping our menu with some exciting new additions! We will soon be introducing waxing, as well as some inviting specialty facials to go along with our already results driven peels and laser hair removal. Keep an eye out for an e-mail with our new services, coming very soon!

This is an exciting time for Kashmir Medi-Spa and we want you to come join us! As a bonus we will be offering discounted prices for our laser hair removal services for six weeks. Some of your summer tans are fading now, it’s a great time to call and schedule your appointment today.

A reminder on preparation for your laser hair removal appointment:

  • With cold and flu season upon us, if you are on antibiotics, please reschedule your appointment for 2 weeks after your last dosage.
  • Come in with the area to be treated shaved.
  • No plucking or waxing the area, at least 6 weeks before.

I look forward to working with you on your skincare and hair removal needs.

Our Commitment To You

We know that life is hectic. Time must be taken to pamper oneself in order to feel more in tune, more whole. Here at the SSCS Medi Spa, we’ve created a safe, warm and aesthetically pleasant environment in which to address the needs of your body dynamics.

Our spa is a special place where you can relax, revitalize and rejuvenate. We pride ourselves on being sensitive to your specific needs while using only the very best state-of-the-art products and techniques that have shown superb effectiveness.

The SSCS Medi-Spa in Rockville Centre provides the skill and expertise of our board certified plastic surgeons working in combination with professionally trained aestheticians.

We are committed to constantly updating our products and services to better accommodate you as an individual. We invite you to experience a portion of your time devoted entirely to embracing a sense of serenity, health, self-worth and well-being.



Reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities

Kybella Before & After Photos




Injectable which is approved by the FDA to melt localized fat under the chin and may require 2 – 4 treatments depending on the size of the fat deposits.

A treatment for temporary reduction of moderate to severe frown lines. The results last up to 4 months.

A safe & natural cosmetic dermal filler that restores volume & fullness to skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles.

A synthetic injectable material, which is especially for fine winkles.

Is a safe filler that restores volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.

Used to restore the volume to the cheeks.


Reveal your natural brilliance with Fraxel®

Fraxel 1550 is the most popular Fraxel treatment. It is safe, non-invasive laser skin treatment that can resurface damaged skin and uncover the skin of your youth – all with minimal impact on your daily routine.



Increase the darkness of your lashes

Latisse is the only FDA-approved prescription treatment for inadequate or not enough eyelashes, growing them longer, fuller and darker. By prescription only.



The One Hour Facelift

Thermage is the revolutionary new non-surgical one hour facelift that requires only the touch of a sophisticated treatment tip to tighten skin. It requires no incisions or recovery time. 


Laser Hair Removal

Lasers can selectively remove unwanted hairs.

Laser Hair Removal (For men and women)
The laser creates a beam of high-intensity light that penetrates deeply into skin tissue, where it delivers a controlled amount of targeted therapeutic heat.

Targets Dark Hair
Removal of Unwanted Hair from all Skin types
Eliminates Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs
Priced according to area, see front desk for price list.
Facial and Laser packages are available for purchase
Click here to view our FAQ’s about Laser Hair Removal